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How does warm salt water gargling help with cough and cold?

Gargle with warm salt water!’ An advice given to us by our mothers at the slightest hint.... Read More

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Skin and hair benefits of carrots

Apart from their delicious flavor, carrots contain beta-carotene in high amounts, in addition to antioxidants, minerals and vitamin A …Read More

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Exercise 45 minutes daily

If you think a leisurely 20-minute walk on a treadmill is going to make you lose weight, you are wrong To kick your metabolism, you must …Read More

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the perfect home remedy to fight anaemia naturally

Anaemia due to low haemoglobin can lead to a number of problems — weakness,... Read More

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the secret remedy for urinary tract infections

Lauki or bottle gourd juice has been quite in fame, thanks Baba Ramdev. One reason people rush to the Ayurvedic ....Read More

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A herbal remedy to treat depression

Many of us confuse a feeling of blue with chronic depression. While it is fine to feel low once in a while when stress takes a toll on you....Read More

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Tips to Prevent Heart Attacks

Tips to Prevent Heart Attacks

Heart Attack occurs when the flow of oxygenated blood to heart muscles is hindered or stopped due to built-up of plaques in coronary arteries. Plaques are waxy substances that built-up over a period of time by the deposit of fat and cholesterol in the blood vessels.This is called atherosclerosis.

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Heart Disease News

SND Update: Atrial Fibrillation may be Predicted by Keeping a Record of Sudden Steep Fall in Blood Pressure During Change of Position.

Results of a Johns Hopkins-led study have identified a possible link between a history of sudden drops in blood pressure and the most common form of irregular heartbeat.

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Internation Diabetes Conference

A Journey to control diabetes in children

  • Newyork City
  • Sep 8, 2012
  • 5-6pm

According to the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi, only 5 percent of people with diabetes nationwide have Type 1, and every one out of 450 is a child. Unfortunately for them, many of their parents fail to see the warning signs because they’re misinformed about the autoimmune disease.Read More